Seeing The Needs Around Us

Driving home from breakfast last weekend we noticed a young woman cross the street a short distance in front of us. The first thing that caught my eye was the baggy blue T-shirt which just touched her legs and one purple sock next to the other bare foot.  Her disheveled hair obscured most of her face, and she shook her head back and forth without looking up as we drove by.  We went a couple blocks before turning around.  I was going to offer her the extra pair of shoes I had with us.  Once we arrived, we thought we had lost her until seeing her standing next to the edge of another motel strip.  I had this gut feeling that she had been out working that night.  Unsure of exactly what to do, we came around a third time and by then she was gone.  

These moments grip me.  Her form has been replaying in my thoughts and I am compelled to pray protection for her and the situation she faces.  What are we to do in these moments?  I can reason that God wanted us to see her so we are not blind to the reality of the needs in this city.  I can also prepare for when another opportunity like this presents itself.  When we are willing to get out into our communities and allow our eyes to be opened, we encounter needs that cause us to search for the best way to respond.

I know there are answers.  That is why we have been meeting with others in this city who carry the same burden to see God touch these women’s lives, and the men too.  It is one thing to know about the need and another thing to step out and engage.  Right now we are in a strategic time.  Prayer is our first step.  

We have already begun to outreach in the city and there are many more doors waiting to open.  Join us in praying for discernment, for connections and that bridges of trust would be built.  When you give to Shelter and Rain you are a part of making a difference and paving the way for encounters with women like the one we saw last weekend.  Thank you for believing with us as we trust in God’s power and love to reach out in dark places.  He longs to give them the freedom, protection, and restoration they are crying out for and created to know.