Giving Tuesday

On this “Giving Tuesday” we want to invite you to join us in seeing lives set free and restored from sexual exploitation and human trafficking!

Human trafficking remains a key area of concern on our hearts. The average age of entry is between 12-14 years old. In the US alone there are an estimated 300,000 children involved in sex trafficking. Wichita has been rated as the 5th largest originating city. Driving through downtown Wichita you find a large homeless population with ties to the drug world and where women turn to prostitution just to survive. Youth who runaway often find themselves approached by a pimp or trafficker within 48 hours of living on the streets. It can seem overwhelming and hopeless at times. While investing in this work for the past 7 years, we have seen God take people out of impossible situations, and give them a fresh start. This next year, there are many ways that we are looking to expand to make a difference and we need your help. Rarely do we put out a general invitation because we love to meet with people on a one on one basis and share the vision with them. On this giving Tuesday, consider this our personal invitation to you, to share from your financial resources to invest in us so that the mission of Shelter and Rain can continue.

Through your monthly or one time gift, you are making an impact in the following ways:

  • Outreach to local strip clubs.
  • Awareness and prevention initiatives for youth.
  • A coalition whose members create a web of services to help victims and survivors.
  • Developing a response to meet gaps of care for adult survivors.
  • Investing in the long term recovery of survivors through ongoing restorative relationships.
  • Global collaboration in anti-trafficking efforts.

We are dependant on the generosity of people who care deeply. Thank you for being one of those who care.

Online Giving can be done securely through
Select Other or Southwest Tithes and Offerings in the drop down box.
Under the giving amount in the Donation section, type "Human Trafficking Ministry" (Most important part!) 
You can set this up as a one time or monthly recurring gift. 
Thank you!

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