Sunday Afternoon

I got to church today and was met by near 15 children! I could hardly believe it! Just this past week I had spoken with Pon about how I wanted to teach the children on Sunday afternoons and here they were! It was crazy. As I am walking downstairs followed by a bunch of laughing kids, I prayed, "God, help me to be able to communicate in Thai!" One of the mothers was there and she had all the kids sit down together in a circle on the ground. I got out the Bible story book and started telling them about John who baptized Jesus, of how the Holy Spirit came down upon Him and of how God's voice was heard from heaven. Today we reviewed the three voices that we can hear, God's, Satan's and our own. Some of the older kids were distracted but most of the children followed and understood what I was telling them. The kids then drew pictures of either God's voice or the Holy Spirit which is like, rain, wind, water and some of the kids drew pictures of God speaking to them. Then I passed out some instruments and we all danced around while listening to "Supernatural" and then "Be Still" in Thai which definitely helped to calm everyone down. The kids loved the music shakers and little tambourine. This all lasted for about an hour and then they all went outside to play. Here are some pictures from this afternoon. They took many of them themselves. :) Please be praying for these children. Many of them come from buddhist families where most likely one of their parents is a Christian. Pray that the Holy Spirit stirs inside of them a hunger to know God and that they personally encounter Jesus in a real way. Pray that God would raise these children up to be the future leaders and revolutionaries of their nation. Pray also for me, that God would give me creative ideas in knowing how to communicate truth and an ability to understand the children when they speak to me. Thank you so much!