Childlike Faith

Thursday night this past week, I couldn't go to sleep. I was listening to Hometown Glory by Adele, just love the raw richness of this song. I took my computer and started writing...what came were lessons, truths that God was putting on my heart to impart to the kids here in Thailand before I leave to visit the states. When I finally fell asleep near 3am, my spirit felt full and refreshed. Then Sunday came. One of my Thai friends had asked me to be a part of the worship team for church. As I looked out over the group that had gathered, I saw that there were many children who had come, several I had never met before. I was really excited when I saw my friend Uh Oh, who is Thai, walk into the room. She had been a translator when a team from Bethel church in Redding and Expression 58 in LA had come to do a week of teaching with our children. Today was the first day that I had seen her since then.

When worship was over and the kids were dismissed...I was even more happy that she came to join us. Today, I really wanted the kids to realize how many God's thoughts are for them, more than the grains of sand, we can't even count them. Uh Oh helped translate and when we talked about how our hearts get dirty and how Jesus wants to clean them and fill them with good things, we had the kids lay on the ground and ask Jesus what He wanted to put in their hearts; what He sees when He looks at them. One of the boys, who is 5 said that he saw a black heart. Then he asked Jesus to clean it. As Uh Oh prayed with him, he said that he saw a sun. One of the girls who is near 10 was having a hard time listening and seeing but when I asked her to picture a garden and where she was in the garden and she saw also Jesus giving her a gift. We all got out paints, and the kids got to paint what Jesus had shown them. The five year old boy randomly started painting and on the top wrote S...H...I...N ...Uh Oh finished with an E at the end, SHINE...which fit in beautifully with the sun he had seen earlier. A father, who had brought his two young children, sat there painting with them, water, a wale while his oldest son painted white covered mountains.

When our time was finished, we all went downstairs to the main worship room. Entering, I saw that there were several people up front who were receiving prayer. Soon I realized that this father's, wife was there as well and she was experiencing a lot of turmoil and was wailing. Their youngest child, a little girl asked, "How is my mom?." I was a little concerned about her being there, but she didn't want to leave. A group of women who are experienced in ministering in the area of deliverance prayer, were there with her. The father lovingly had his hand on his wife and was interceding for her as well. After a short time, the ministry team had her sit up, and the woman started throwing up as the evil that had been tormenting her, physically left her body. Then she became quite again as the Holy Spirit enveloped her with His love. It was one of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen before. The team spoke lovingly to the little girl, explaining to her that her mom loves Jesus so much and that no bad things can live with her so they have to leave because she is a daughter of God. When it was all over, the little girl There was something special about the whole family being there to see their mom set free.

God really is in the process of making all things new! I love what He is doing right now and that I have the opportunity to be a part of loving the people of Thailand. I can't even describe how much joy it brings me to see children grasping truths of who Jesus is to them. It makes me want to jump around and dance for joy! And actually, I got to do that today...but that's another story :).

(Art is done by children)

(angel warrior)