Weapons of a Nation

Children are the future and hope of a nation. When children are empowered and learn that they have a voice, the nations tremble. Children bring an innocence and hope that quenches the darkness. The praises of children silence the enemy. That is why he hates them so much. That is why he seeks to thrwart their destinies through wicked schemes. He has no mercy. He wants only to destroy. Children are the weapon of a nation and either they can be used and manipulated or valued and honored. Here in Bangkok, my heart cries out on behalf of the children. During the clashes in May, they were being used in the camps of the red shirts, being propped up onto tires that blockade a street, becoming human shields, weapons of war. The weapons of war that God calls these children to be are weapons of justice and mercy. These past 6 months here in Bangkok, I have had the amazing opportunity to work with the children at Nightlight. There is a bright hope and future for these children. Their mothers are making decisions of hope and life and these children are going to reap a great inheritance and become the leaders of their nation. When these children grasp the truth of who they are as children of the most High God, they become dangerous. They start asking for things that human reason says can't happen. They ask for the impossible.

A few days ago, before leaving for our kids center, I was thinking about the kids and this desire, this ache rose up within me and all I could do was pray, "God, pour out your Spirit on these children." "You have got to do it...I can't. I want them to see You." That morning, when I got to the room where the kids were, I saw there were only 3 older children and a few babies. One of them was a girl I will call Min. She is 5 years old. This little girl has the gift of dance. As soon as I walked in, she and another girl Gi were insistently asking if I could turn on the Thai children's worship music so they could dance. Soon they were twirling around with streamers in hand. It was beautiful. Afterwards I pulled out a Bible story book, sat cross legged on the ground, with the three kids sitting around me. After just a short time it was just me and Min. She was enthralled with the stories of Jesus. In my broken Thai I was telling her about the boy who didn't want to live with his dad but go away to party, about the men who were in the lake and they didn't get any fish until Jesus wanted to use their boat and sit and talk to the people and then their boats were full of fish, to the final story of the little boy who gave Jesus 5 pieces of bread and 2 fish. After reading the story about how there weren't enough fish and bread but when Jesus prayed, God made enough for everyone, Min asked me if she could ask Jesus for clothes, and shoes and a purse and makeup and God would give them to her too? I smiled and at the same time my mind was thinking that that is not exactly how it works but then again...He says ask, doesn't He? :) She was laying across my lap at this point and after closing her eyes she said, "Jesus, I want ...." naming each thing. And then she turned to me and asked,

"When is He going to give me those things?"

"I don't know, why don't you ask Him."

(Closing her eyes..."day 18, what day is today?"

"Today is the 14th."

(She counted on her fingers.)

She then closed her eyes again and I asked her to ask Jesus to take her somewhere. She said something about water and swimming. :) "Can you see Jesus?" I asked. She shook her head in a negative. So I just waited...every now and then she would open her eyes and look at me and tell me what she was talking with Jesus about, there was more about the clothes and makeup.

After a lil while I led her in asking, "Jesus, can you take me to heaven."

I was just holding her, and praying quietly over her. Suddenly she opened her eyes and a big giddy smile had crossed her face. "I saw Jesus." she said. "And what did He say?" I asked. "I am a good girl," she said. :) I can't tell you how much joy this brought me. It was her who made the connection between the five loaves and fishes and her own life and the Holy Spirit did the rest. I love how much faith children have. I love the life that they carry. I love that they ask for the impossible. Will you? Today, many children are being exploited and used and yet God is raising up an army of worshipers, an army of children of faith. They are in every nation. When I was in Cambodia I saw this sign that read, "Please protect our national treasures." Children are treasures. Let us do all we can, wherever we are, to value and give voice to the children of our nation. They really are powerful in bringing the Kingdom of God.

Psalm 8:1-2 "O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is Your name in all the earth! You have set Your glory above the heavens. Out of the mouths of babes and infants, You have established strength because of Your foes, to still the enemy and the avenger." (ESV)

Thank you Katie for the photo of the worshipping children. :)