The train lurched forward. Sitting by the open window I could feel the wind rush past my face. Were it not for the slight humidity it felt cool, almost refreshing. There is something about being on a train for 15 hours. You have time to sit, to read, to be, to gaze out on the rolling hills and open country sides. I felt like I was living 100 years earlier. I could stand and stick my head out the open window and gaze outside for hours on end. Looking down at times, my eyes would catch a river flowing down below a bridge that we were passing on or suddenly we would enter a tunnel and there would be pitch blackness. I have been reading a book by Jane Austen and another called The Road of Lost Innocence by Somaly Mam. Two moving stories. The first set in an era where women were all about balls and finding a partner and life's small but significant adventures and the second, the story of a young girl who was sold into sexual slaver, her thoughts, emotions and fight for freedom. There is something about combining the two in my heart and mind. Something that makes me dream.

Here in Thailand it is a normal for me to see a western man with a Thai woman, some of whom are very young. There is something about the bar scene that saddens but fills me with hope and expectation. I feel like when there is often no more hope, when the walls seem high, that is when the power of love is revealed. As I sit on a side street in the bustling city of Bangkok, my heart is dreaming. I keep thinking about anointing and destiny. In Isaiah God anointed Cyrus to bring treasures out of darkness. God promised to do the impossible so that He would be glorified. I want to see God do the impossible here. I don't want to just get caught up in watching things pass by. I want to be a part of it. Living in the adventure. While I was in Chiang Mai this week, my friends and I took a trip down a river on a rafting tour. It def wasn't as dangerous as it sounds, but it was so much fun. I think I was created for adventure. There is something about bringing strength, feeling the rush of the wind and knowing that life depends on it, that gives me joy. What is it that brings you joy? Don't get caught in the trap of thinking and settling for less. Gaze out the window, feel the wind in your face, look up into the expanse of sky and let dreams come alive.