So I had this dream about two or three weeks ago. Somehow I ended up following this girl as she was walking down the sidewalk. I kept my distance and watched as she went and stood by a table that was set for two people. Stopping at the table, she looked at the settings and I could feel that something inside of her was missing and longing for what she had experienced there, true love. It was then that she turned around and as she came towards me I opened my arms and embraced her. Immediately I felt the love from the Holy Spirit come and touch her through me. She felt it too although I instinctively knew that she didn't understand what was going on. The dream continued by us being in this car in the middle of the road. I was with two other women who were also on this "outreach" with me. I looked at the girl I had run into on the streets and started telling her that it wasn't worth it, to sell her body and that only God is worth her love. I remember her looking at me questioningly with doubt and a hardness that prevented her from really being able to really receive what I was saying. At this point I suddenly heard sirens. They were coming from fire trucks that were nearing us. We were warned that there was a huge tree in the forest near us that was about to fall and they were trying to get to it to cut it down before this disaster happened. The dream ended by me putting my foot on the gas pedal and reversing.
I believe that God gave me this dream as a warning for a situation that me and my ministry team have been dealing with over the past couple weeks. What is even more significant is that recently me and the two other women in my dream ended up having an encounter with a girl who I believe was represented by the woman who had stopped at the tables in my dream. There is a lot of heavy spiritual stuff going on in her life and me and my teammates really need God's divine discernment.
Here in Thailand I meet many people here who dream. Dreams are one of the ways that God speaks to His children. So many times we can get caught up in life and as we sleep we are in a place of rest where God can often get our attention. Dreams can also be a target for Satan's attacks. Often in the area God desires to speak to and through us the most will be attacked. In my own life I have seen how satan wants to mess with my ability to love and causes me to doubt the impulse of the Spirit within me. I am working on that here in Thailand. I want to be in a place where I receive deeply from God's love and that I am not afraid to step out and risk my own "face" in order to bring His light into darkness. Here in Thailand I also need discernment. Ephesian 1 where Paul talks about the Father of glory giving a spirit of wisdom and revelation to those who love Him and His people, has been one of my prayers. I want to be able to see more into the supernatural realm. I want to experience the same power that raised Jesus from the dead!
I have also been reminded a lot lately of dreams that God has put inside me since I was young. Recently as I was praying in my room He said, "Janie, close your eyes." I saw this puppy come and lick my face all over. I smiled. The Lord spoke to me and said that the things I have longed for even as a little girl are being given to me now. I remember that when I was young I wanted so much to love on the hurting and broken, especially children. I also remember that as I was learning sign language in high school, I had dreamed of some day using it overseas. Just the other day I was with one of the other volunteers here. She was going to buy some T-shirts from a woman who is deaf. While I was with here, I started signing with her and SHE COULD UNDERSTAND ME!! I was soo excited! I was able to pray over her in sign and communicate enough to be able to have some what of a conversation. Haha! My brain was so tired that night. Having to think in Thai and then in sign was a stretch. But I was soo happy as I thought of the amazingness of God and how He remembers and gives me the desires of my heart. There are a lot of deaf people out here on the streets of Bangkok selling things and I am looking forward to building relationship with them in the days ahead.
So there ya go. A little more of an update for all of you who are following my e-mails and blog. :) I pray that you are encouraged to pay attention to the dreams that God gives you. He has great things in store for each of His children!