My First Day in Thailand

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

This morning at 8:50am I left my house and headed down the street/alley where I live now in Bangkok, Thailand, passed through a small but beautiful park and headed toward the office building of NightLight. I was supposed to meet one of the other staff members there and go with her to morning worship at a nearby church. Somehow she wasn't there but I ended up meeting and walking over with one of the lovely Thai women who works at NightLight. I left my sandals at the bottom of the flight of stairs and as we wound the staircase I could hear the sound of guitar, drums and women singing. Entering the room I saw that the room was filled with Thai women, all whom are employees at NightLight and have come out of the rampant business of prostitution. It was almost too much for my heart to contain. Although I didn't know what they were singing, my spirit immediately responded in recognition that the Spirit of the Living God was there. I saw several women raising their hands in worship and knew that it was heartfelt. After worship and a devotion, the women began their work making jewelry. This morning I joined them. I love the Thai culture and how friendly everyone is. Sitting at one of the tables with three other women who were completing jewelry orders, I attempted to make a beaded ring which one of the girls graciously helped me with. When I asked her how old she was she covered her face with her hands, giggled and said, "you guess." I laughed and told her I didn't want to. :) In Thai culture it is very common to ask someone their age as this will allow you to differentiate from whether they are an older sister, "pee sow" or younger sister "norng sow". This week I am making it a goal to personally connect with one women who works at NightLight each day. Next week I will be starting language courses as well as discovering what I will be doing with the children here. This afternoon one of the other staff girls needed to go the the doctor which is at a nearby hospital. This hospital in Bangkok puts all American hospitals to shame. It is more like a beautiful hotel. Amazing! On our way back from the hospital we passed down the street where NightLight has their bar outreaches twice a week. Especially in this part of town it is very common to see western men and scantly dressed women walking down the street or having a drink in a bar. The way you reach person at a time, one smile at a time, valuing each life. Please pray for me that I will love to the fullest.