What?! Did I Just Get Offered a Job??

It was a Sunday evening at the beginning of June. My friend Mandy and I decided to stop by and see some of our friends who were eating at a local Thai restaurant. As soon as we entered, another friend, Pieter introduced me to a girl whom I later discovered is the daughter of the owners of the Thai restaurant. As soon as she found out that I was planning on going to Thailand this Fall, she immediately suggested that I come in sometime and she could help me learn Thai! I was really excited because this was something that I had been wanting for awhile. But this wasn't all! Curious as to when I should come in, I asked her what time during the week she was free. Without hesitation she asked me if I was busy on the weekends and said that she could offer me a job during Friday and Saturday evenings. The whole time I was thinking, "Am I hearing correctly? Did she just offer me a job?!" Yes...she did and two Saturdays later I was helping to serve drinks, seat people and learning how to say "hello" and "thank you" in Thai! This was yet another one of those little confirmations that God has been given me that yes, He is preparing to send me to Thailand!