Shelter and Rain is committed to walking alongside survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in their journey of freedom and healing. In the state of Kansas, one of the biggest gaps is safe housing for female adult victims who have recently exited the life. Some of their greatest needs include detoxing, support as they begin to address the complex trauma they have experienced while they establish healthy bonds, and explore next steps they will take. Shelter and Rain has a vision to open a safe home and is currently in the networking stage to build a team of those who will offer their services and expertise to see this vision become a reality. We are in need of home(s) in a safe location, counselors, attorneys, social workers, and mentors to serve in various capacities. If this is an area that stirs your heart and you are passionate about getting involved, we would love to hear from you! If you are a survivor, we would be honored to come alongside you as you recover and we also welcome your insight in this area. Please reach out today!

Sexual Addictions

Each of us has struggled with sexual addictions and brokenness. We are here to say that you can be set free and made new! Understanding that we must move from a place of accountability to awakening the spirit of justice and compassion that God has instilled in each of us is the key to walking out of places of personal addiction. There are people who are willing to walk with you through this process. Resources are available for you. Don't let shame and guilt hinder you from reaching out for help. Healing is possible and you have a purpose on the other side of this fight. Let us walk with you. Contact us today.