Trauma Informed Community

Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry. This is a strategic time to get involved. When we started awareness and prevention efforts in 2012, one of our greatest hurdles was educating communities on the reality that modern day slavery exists all around them.  As law enforcement, social service agencies, and individuals work
together to identify and intervene, there is now a growing need for communities to become places of safety and restoration for survivors.  Women affected by sexual exploitation are crying out for relief, for someone to take notice and step in to help. The answer to their cry is trauma informed community.  Shelter and Rain is passionate about restoration.  Our vision for 2018 is to see trauma informed communities wrap around survivors.  This involves a collaborative effort of professionals, business partners, mentors, trauma informed families, churches, and financial supporters.


Shelter and Rain is committed to walking alongside survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in their journey of freedom and healing.  One of the biggest gaps in survivor care is safe housing for female adult victims who have recently exited the life.  Some of their greatest needs include detoxing, support as they begin to address the complex trauma they have experienced while they establish healthy bonds and explore next steps they will take.  The core values of recovery that are a part of Shelter and Rain's Restoration Homes include movement therapies, inner healing prayer, holistic recovery, the arts, and a strength based recovery model.  

Trauma Informed Families

Restorative relationships are powerful.  Hospitality is a catalyst for the flourishing of restorative relationships.  We believe that restoration takes place in the context of family.  Family may have been the breeding ground where one was groomed for a life of exploitation, so it is also God's design that a loving family become a catalyst for healing from trauma.  Do you have a heart to open your home to a survivor and walk alongside her as she pursues a journey of healing?  We would love to have a conversation with you. 

Shelter and Rain's vision is to build a team who will offer their expertise to trauma-informed families.  We are in need of counselors, attorneys, social workers, and mentors to serve in various capacities.  If this is an area that stirs your heart and you are passionate about getting involved, we would love to hear from you!  

We understand that brokenness is what qualifies us to journey with another.  Our heart is to empower survivor leaders to embrace their story and destiny and step into leadership positions.  Let's walk alongside each other and grow together.  We look forward to seeing trauma informed families come together!

Sexual Addictions

Each of us has struggled with sexual addictions and brokenness. We are here to say that you can be set free and made new! Understanding that we must move from a place of accountability to awakening the spirit of justice and compassion that God has instilled in each of us is the key to walking out of places of personal addiction. There are people who are willing to walk with you through this process. Resources are available for you. Don't let shame and guilt hinder you from reaching out for help. Healing is possible and you have a purpose on the other side of this fight. Let us walk with you. Contact us today.