Getting Caught in the Unexpected

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Cole, Sandy and I got caught in the rain tonight! It was so fun!! The raindrops were so big and as we were running down the street to the hotel near by, I opened my arms and as I lifted my head to the sky this huge raindrop came and hit me on the forehead!! There is something about getting caught in a sudden storm that makes me soo happy :) I love being caught off guard by things that happen in nature. It seems like there have been so many thunder storms here lately. When we were in the hotel there was one point when there was a huge crash of thunder and at the same time the hotel lights flickered off and on again. Sandy was like, "I think we were just hit!" There is something about being hit by the unexpected and finding joy in it. Like earlier that night. We were all walking to dinner and the sky in front of us exploded in brilliant light and color! We all just stood there for like 15 minutes exclaiming about how beautiful it was as the Thais just walked around us not even glancing up. At one point all the colors of the rainbow were seen across the expanse of the sky and there was no rain. It was like, "God, what are You doing?"

Later that evening, we went to our apartment and spent some time in prayer and worship and reading from 1 John. It was like, ya...this is what real fellowship is like. It was real, raw and healing. We got to expose and share some of our personal struggles and where we are at with God and receive His love. One of the things we talked about is how when we grow up with feeling a lack of love, this orphan spirit is created in us that causes us to not fully trust that the love of God is enough. We spent some time in repentance and letting Jesus restore us. It was beautiful. We got to talking afterwards about how this is what real community is. It is when we can be real and exposed and there is no fear of shame or withholding of love. If the church doesn't do this, they are misrepresenting Jesus. He said He is the Light and that those who walk in the light have fellowship with Him. In the light, there is exposure and freedom.

As I think back to the events of just a few nights ago, I can't help but smile at the ways that God just loves to take me off guard with His presence. There can be a lot of darkness here. But God's voice is thundering across the nation, His tears of laughter and love and compassion are falling down, to catch us at the most unexpected moments. He is washing this land of Thailand, cleansing it. And then through a sunset, His glory is revealed. I love my God! I love the people that He has put around me right now and that I get to share life with. I love that it is in the unexpected events that take place every day that He catches me in His intense love and I get to be touched and experience His presence just like the followers of Jesus did, over 2 thousand years ago. So get ready, for the unexpected...

Weapons of a Nation

Children are the future and hope of a nation. When children are empowered and learn that they have a voice, the nations tremble. Children bring an innocence and hope that quenches the darkness. The praises of children silence the enemy. That is why he hates them so much. That is why he seeks to thrwart their destinies through wicked schemes. He has no mercy. He wants only to destroy. Children are the weapon of a nation and either they can be used and manipulated or valued and honored. Here in Bangkok, my heart cries out on behalf of the children. During the clashes in May, they were being used in the camps of the red shirts, being propped up onto tires that blockade a street, becoming human shields, weapons of war. The weapons of war that God calls these children to be are weapons of justice and mercy. These past 6 months here in Bangkok, I have had the amazing opportunity to work with the children at Nightlight. There is a bright hope and future for these children. Their mothers are making decisions of hope and life and these children are going to reap a great inheritance and become the leaders of their nation. When these children grasp the truth of who they are as children of the most High God, they become dangerous. They start asking for things that human reason says can't happen. They ask for the impossible.

A few days ago, before leaving for our kids center, I was thinking about the kids and this desire, this ache rose up within me and all I could do was pray, "God, pour out your Spirit on these children." "You have got to do it...I can't. I want them to see You." That morning, when I got to the room where the kids were, I saw there were only 3 older children and a few babies. One of them was a girl I will call Min. She is 5 years old. This little girl has the gift of dance. As soon as I walked in, she and another girl Gi were insistently asking if I could turn on the Thai children's worship music so they could dance. Soon they were twirling around with streamers in hand. It was beautiful. Afterwards I pulled out a Bible story book, sat cross legged on the ground, with the three kids sitting around me. After just a short time it was just me and Min. She was enthralled with the stories of Jesus. In my broken Thai I was telling her about the boy who didn't want to live with his dad but go away to party, about the men who were in the lake and they didn't get any fish until Jesus wanted to use their boat and sit and talk to the people and then their boats were full of fish, to the final story of the little boy who gave Jesus 5 pieces of bread and 2 fish. After reading the story about how there weren't enough fish and bread but when Jesus prayed, God made enough for everyone, Min asked me if she could ask Jesus for clothes, and shoes and a purse and makeup and God would give them to her too? I smiled and at the same time my mind was thinking that that is not exactly how it works but then again...He says ask, doesn't He? :) She was laying across my lap at this point and after closing her eyes she said, "Jesus, I want ...." naming each thing. And then she turned to me and asked,

"When is He going to give me those things?"

"I don't know, why don't you ask Him."

(Closing her eyes..."day 18, what day is today?"

"Today is the 14th."

(She counted on her fingers.)

She then closed her eyes again and I asked her to ask Jesus to take her somewhere. She said something about water and swimming. :) "Can you see Jesus?" I asked. She shook her head in a negative. So I just waited...every now and then she would open her eyes and look at me and tell me what she was talking with Jesus about, there was more about the clothes and makeup.

After a lil while I led her in asking, "Jesus, can you take me to heaven."

I was just holding her, and praying quietly over her. Suddenly she opened her eyes and a big giddy smile had crossed her face. "I saw Jesus." she said. "And what did He say?" I asked. "I am a good girl," she said. :) I can't tell you how much joy this brought me. It was her who made the connection between the five loaves and fishes and her own life and the Holy Spirit did the rest. I love how much faith children have. I love the life that they carry. I love that they ask for the impossible. Will you? Today, many children are being exploited and used and yet God is raising up an army of worshipers, an army of children of faith. They are in every nation. When I was in Cambodia I saw this sign that read, "Please protect our national treasures." Children are treasures. Let us do all we can, wherever we are, to value and give voice to the children of our nation. They really are powerful in bringing the Kingdom of God.

Psalm 8:1-2 "O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is Your name in all the earth! You have set Your glory above the heavens. Out of the mouths of babes and infants, You have established strength because of Your foes, to still the enemy and the avenger." (ESV)

Thank you Katie for the photo of the worshipping children. :)

Touch...the language of love

Your heart is one with Me. You feel My passions and My aches. Your touch is My touch. You carry purity. I want to take you into the heavenly places and reveal mysteries to you yet to be seen. I am your Lover. I always will be. Do not be afraid. My Kingdom is here. The time is now. Come, come, come were made to fly.

Something I have been thinking about is how being a believer in Jesus Christ, I carry the very presence of God wherever I go. When I realize that I am in Him and He is in me, the places that I go, the people that I touch are impacted directly by Him because I bear the mark and anointing from heaven. It is not anything that I deserve, it is His gift and it brings Him joy. I love feeling the love of God flow through me and those times when it seems the darkest and most sad are the times when I get to experience even more of this beauty. This little girl's mom is dying of HIV at a hospice in Poipet, Cambodia. Three weeks ago, a friend of mine, Malina, and I went there to visit ministries and it was amazing to see what God did. We knew God was up to something. Getting across the border was an experience all in itself. First we got dropped off and had to take a tuk tuk which tried to take us to a special place where they could do our visa for us :/ which we rejected, had a drunk Cambodian border policeman issue us a visa while he "flirted" with Malina and then we crossed the border within 15 min of it closing. Quite the night! The next day I was in awe of God's power in this incredibly loud thunder storm and I enjoyed watching all the street kids bathe fully clothed in the rain. :) All three days that we were there, we went to this HIV hospice and got to pray with and love on the women there. I met this one woman named "Mom" who was laying on this mat on a bed, too weak to sit up. I don't even know if her family knew where she was staying at this point but she had a beautiful smile that lit up her face and the last day I saw her, she was feeling a little better and I got to see that smile. :) What was really neat is that I was able to use my Thai there as many of them either spoke or understood it. The first night, God spoke His love deep into my spirit and I realized that in being in this land, a dream inside me was being fulfilled.

In reading the book "Dreaming with God" by Bill Johnson, he said that the word desire means "of the Father." There is something exciting and fun about discovering the dreams and desires that are inside of us. About a month ago when I had to do a visa run, I went to Poipet for only a two hour stay. Even before I had wanted to come to Thailand, it had been a desire to go to Cambodia...not exactly sure why...but I think that the poverty and exploitation stirred in me a desire to see God's power come to heal. So I went, not really knowing what to expect but as soon as I crossed that border something happened inside my heart. I felt this burden, an ache for this land I couldn't explain. From the outside looking in, the needs can seem great and hopelessly daunting. As I sat waiting while my visa was being processed, I started to think about how that is the enemy's scheme in that land, to make it seem overwhelming...but Jesus came to love...and love happens one by one. I wanted to come back.

One night, Malina and I were there, we were walking back to our motel and we noticed this cart/tuk tuk filled with little girls around the age of 7. We stopped to say hi and in talking to them, we noticed one woman there who they all said was their "mom". Obviously this wasn't true. Finally, a girl in her early teens came up and truthfully said that every day they are taken across the Thai border and every night they come back to Cambodia. Here was the very definition of trafficking right in front of our eyes. Many times the police at the border are bribed and these kids beg in the streets all day and then return home. Many have been bought to pay off a debt. Many of the little girls, when we reached out to touch them, flinched. It was so sad because it wasn't like we could just take over the tuk tuk and rescue all the girls right then and there. There have to be other options and a way paved to prevent this from taking place.
The weekend I was there in Poipet, I got to see people, beautiful Cambodian people, who were doing just that. Malina and I were taken on a private tour of the facilities and ministries of the "Cambodian Hope Organization" where they house and educate children and their families who have been affected by trafficking and to help prevent trafficking from taking place. They have also set up what is called "School on a mat" where teachers go out every day, into the rural villages, where the children have nothing to do and teach them on a plastic tarp. It was amazing to see this organization taking love and putting it to action. Love is not just a word it means dreaming and living from means getting involved in peoples' lives and when this happens...justice and mercy are revealed. God's love should inspire action in our lives. Being here at NightLight, I get to see this taking place and again in Cambodia I was reminded again to dream big, desire much and then move to bring the love of heaven to earth. It is simple...and it can even be just taking a child our arms.

**The harvest is so great, but the workers are so few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask Him to send out more workers for His fields.--Matthew 9:37b-38

There are many needs...there in Cambodia and in the ministry to the Karen people. If God is calling your name, don't resist His call.

--Picture above--
"Mom" laying on the bed, Malina to the right and the lovely woman on the left called after we got back to Bangkok to say that she was home again with her 5 month old child. Yay God!

An Unforgettable Trip

Traveling around with my friend Sharon as she ministered to the Karen people along the southwestern Thai border, was an experience I will never forget! Sharon is a woman who is passionate about seeing the Karen, who have been persecuted and forced to leave Burma, become dedicated followers of Jesus Christ. Me and my two friends, Katie and Cole met up with her in Hua Hin and from there she took us to their Karen Bible school. It was so much fun sleeping outdoors in her bamboo house and every night without fail, her family there would gather to sing, study the Bible or just hang out. The week that we ended up going was actually their vacation time so although there weren't many Bible school students there, the buildings were soon swarming with over a hundred children who had come for their kids camp. On Monday, around 12 o'clock we were asked, "Can you do some teaching for the children?" I looked at Katie and Cole a said, "Sure..." We had one hour to prepare. No problem! I was like, "God, I know You can do it." We decided to talk about fear, the authority that they have in Jesus' name and allow the kids to reenact the story of Jesus calming the storm. So as I was standing up in front of the kids telling them about how this huge storm came upon Jesus and His disciples as they were out at sea, something strange started happening. There was this commotion outside and as I looked out the windows I could see this gust of wind had swept into the camp area and it was picking up twigs and dirt and whatever else was in it's path. I was a little distracted at first until Katie said, "like this" and I got excited and wondered if God was trying to prove a point. It kept blowing until I got to the part of Jesus' saying "Peace, be still." And then it was calm. It was perfect!

While we spent this week with Sharon, I got to see how God moves powerfully through her life. Throughout the day, she would be getting phone calls from people, her Karen family who were in need. This would be her next assignment. We never knew how something was going to work out. But she knew, that if it was of God, He would pave a way and we would be able to get to the person she wanted to help and encourage. When I say that Sharon is a woman of power, I mean like dynamite. :) All of us had many good laughs together as our driver, who after receiving directions from her would say in his soft monotone voice, "Jai yen yen." (Meaning cool heart.) One of my favorite places that we went to was a handicapped children's home. We got to take a group of boys, many of them who are fighting HIV, to a river for a couple hours of swimming. It was so fun to get to just laugh and love on them and I think they too impacted me by their huge smiles and love for life. It was quite an intense trip although for Sharon I think we slowed her down, especially when all of us got constipated from eating only rice and the amazingly delicious curries that the Karen so generously provided, and spent an entire evening sitting in an air-conditioned hotel just so we could use their western toilets. lol! Yup it definitely was an unforgettable trip!
(Thanks Katie for the two photos above!)

Fire Boys

This was my second trip to Koh Samet. The first time I saw them I was caught in the awe of the show. I saw them again on this second visit and as I stood there watching them twirl those rods high up into the air and gaze as the hoola hoop size circles ignited with fire swung around their waists, a theme started rising in my heart. Koh Samet is an island about a 2 ½ hour drive south of Bangkok. It is a resort and retreat beach where people can rent a room, jump in the clear water during the day and enjoy sitting out on the beach at the many restaurants that line the shore at night. It is a beautiful place to be. During the evenings, there are several restaurants that have “fire shows” on the sand just a few feet away from where the people are sitting. These shows are directed by one man and several of his younger apprentices. As I stood there on the beach that night and watched these young boys, some of them near 8-10 years old, I like all the other spectators was in awe at the skill and precision at which they performed. And while standing there, I started to have these thoughts and ideas. Ideas of what it means to be a carrier of fire. These boys are young yet they are skilled. They are following the lead of one man. I started thinking about how this correlates to one man, Jesus and His followers. What does it look like to be a carrier of His fire today?

This is a theme that has been playing over in my mind since I came back to Bangkok. I see God's fire as being His presence. It is something that is dangerous, powerful and awe inspiriting. It brings warmth and ignites passion inside people. More than anything else I want to be someone who is skilled at handling the presence of God. The presence of God, His Spirit is a very powerful thing. Many people today are hungry to see a manifestation of the presence of God. They want to see some miracle or sign. They want to see a healing or a deliverance. Many times these things are the outflow that comes when the presence of God comes. Before I came to Thailand, I had the opportunity even in my home church and with my friends, to experience and see the power of God through healing, deliverance and salvation. Here in Thailand I see it as well. And yet I cannot be focusing on these things. I must be focusing on God's presence. If I focus on amazing things that I see, I will only get to taste a little of what God has planned. He wants me to be a carrier of His fire, to experience His presence in such a way that I let Him decide what the manifestation of His glory will be. As I watch the boys keep an eye on their instructor, and follow his lead, I am reminded of how important it is for me to keep my eyes on Jesus. He is the Master Instructor and One who will know where and how to move, what the next steps will be and how it will all work out. So when I think about carrying God's presence I think about keeping my eyes on Jesus and I also think about passion and purity. There has got to be a love and excitement for being able to be a part of carrying such a wonderful thing as God's power. The Bible says that we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the power belongs to God and not to us. --2 Corinthians 4:7-8 A few days ago I was reading in the book of Hebrews and it talks about the Israelites and how they went to "a physical mountain to a place of flaming fire..." (Heb. 12) and it was a frightening thing and how now we as believers are called to go into heavenly places to encounter the presence of God. We encounter this "all consuming fire" as we learn to walk and encounter God in the secret place and throughout the day. It is through prayer, listening to Him, watching for Him, receiving from Him, worshipping Him, that we are ignited with His presence, His fire. Something I noticed about these boys who were carriers of fire is that they were confident and even proud in what they were doing. God has called us to be confident and glory in we are as His children. We carry His glory.

So today, as you encounter places of darkness in your own life, in the lives of others or around you, know that you, are God's child, His child of fire, and that you carry the real, tangible presence of His glory wherever you go. May God richly bless you!

One Thing

I picked this book up in my friends living room this week and was struck by this quote: "...I urge you to reflect on the one thing in the world that wrecks you when you see it, when you hear it, and when you get close to it. Because your one thing is the exact thing that will create enough tension and angst, carve out enough capacity for activism, and stir up enough of an internal firestorm that you'll have no choice but to suit up and get in the game." --Bill Hybels Holy Discontent-Fueling the Fire that Ignites Personal Vision
The train lurched forward. Sitting by the open window I could feel the wind rush past my face. Were it not for the slight humidity it felt cool, almost refreshing. There is something about being on a train for 15 hours. You have time to sit, to read, to be, to gaze out on the rolling hills and open country sides. I felt like I was living 100 years earlier. I could stand and stick my head out the open window and gaze outside for hours on end. Looking down at times, my eyes would catch a river flowing down below a bridge that we were passing on or suddenly we would enter a tunnel and there would be pitch blackness. I have been reading a book by Jane Austen and another called The Road of Lost Innocence by Somaly Mam. Two moving stories. The first set in an era where women were all about balls and finding a partner and life's small but significant adventures and the second, the story of a young girl who was sold into sexual slaver, her thoughts, emotions and fight for freedom. There is something about combining the two in my heart and mind. Something that makes me dream.

Here in Thailand it is a normal for me to see a western man with a Thai woman, some of whom are very young. There is something about the bar scene that saddens but fills me with hope and expectation. I feel like when there is often no more hope, when the walls seem high, that is when the power of love is revealed. As I sit on a side street in the bustling city of Bangkok, my heart is dreaming. I keep thinking about anointing and destiny. In Isaiah God anointed Cyrus to bring treasures out of darkness. God promised to do the impossible so that He would be glorified. I want to see God do the impossible here. I don't want to just get caught up in watching things pass by. I want to be a part of it. Living in the adventure. While I was in Chiang Mai this week, my friends and I took a trip down a river on a rafting tour. It def wasn't as dangerous as it sounds, but it was so much fun. I think I was created for adventure. There is something about bringing strength, feeling the rush of the wind and knowing that life depends on it, that gives me joy. What is it that brings you joy? Don't get caught in the trap of thinking and settling for less. Gaze out the window, feel the wind in your face, look up into the expanse of sky and let dreams come alive.

Fingerprint of Heaven...thoughts for 2010

A breakthrough of love...what does it look like to make a mark on the land? I see God reaching down and pushing His fingerprints into the ground like soft clay. He is with me. I move in Him and He moves in me. There is so much on my heart sometimes it feels like it is going to burst. There is so much more. So much more of His love that I want to see. I want to see women who once sold their bodies dancing in freedom and pure joy. I want to see children jumping and leaping in shouts of faith. I want to see heaven touch earth. I don't know what that looks like. But I want to see it. I want to dream big with the Dreamer of Heaven. I want to see things that are in heaven and speak them out on earth. I am asking for more revelation and wisdom. So much of it is about love. I want to be so filled with His love. So utterly consumed. This love goes beyond earth, it is the fingerprint of heaven...LOVE.


So I had this dream about two or three weeks ago. Somehow I ended up following this girl as she was walking down the sidewalk. I kept my distance and watched as she went and stood by a table that was set for two people. Stopping at the table, she looked at the settings and I could feel that something inside of her was missing and longing for what she had experienced there, true love. It was then that she turned around and as she came towards me I opened my arms and embraced her. Immediately I felt the love from the Holy Spirit come and touch her through me. She felt it too although I instinctively knew that she didn't understand what was going on. The dream continued by us being in this car in the middle of the road. I was with two other women who were also on this "outreach" with me. I looked at the girl I had run into on the streets and started telling her that it wasn't worth it, to sell her body and that only God is worth her love. I remember her looking at me questioningly with doubt and a hardness that prevented her from really being able to really receive what I was saying. At this point I suddenly heard sirens. They were coming from fire trucks that were nearing us. We were warned that there was a huge tree in the forest near us that was about to fall and they were trying to get to it to cut it down before this disaster happened. The dream ended by me putting my foot on the gas pedal and reversing.
I believe that God gave me this dream as a warning for a situation that me and my ministry team have been dealing with over the past couple weeks. What is even more significant is that recently me and the two other women in my dream ended up having an encounter with a girl who I believe was represented by the woman who had stopped at the tables in my dream. There is a lot of heavy spiritual stuff going on in her life and me and my teammates really need God's divine discernment.
Here in Thailand I meet many people here who dream. Dreams are one of the ways that God speaks to His children. So many times we can get caught up in life and as we sleep we are in a place of rest where God can often get our attention. Dreams can also be a target for Satan's attacks. Often in the area God desires to speak to and through us the most will be attacked. In my own life I have seen how satan wants to mess with my ability to love and causes me to doubt the impulse of the Spirit within me. I am working on that here in Thailand. I want to be in a place where I receive deeply from God's love and that I am not afraid to step out and risk my own "face" in order to bring His light into darkness. Here in Thailand I also need discernment. Ephesian 1 where Paul talks about the Father of glory giving a spirit of wisdom and revelation to those who love Him and His people, has been one of my prayers. I want to be able to see more into the supernatural realm. I want to experience the same power that raised Jesus from the dead!
I have also been reminded a lot lately of dreams that God has put inside me since I was young. Recently as I was praying in my room He said, "Janie, close your eyes." I saw this puppy come and lick my face all over. I smiled. The Lord spoke to me and said that the things I have longed for even as a little girl are being given to me now. I remember that when I was young I wanted so much to love on the hurting and broken, especially children. I also remember that as I was learning sign language in high school, I had dreamed of some day using it overseas. Just the other day I was with one of the other volunteers here. She was going to buy some T-shirts from a woman who is deaf. While I was with here, I started signing with her and SHE COULD UNDERSTAND ME!! I was soo excited! I was able to pray over her in sign and communicate enough to be able to have some what of a conversation. Haha! My brain was so tired that night. Having to think in Thai and then in sign was a stretch. But I was soo happy as I thought of the amazingness of God and how He remembers and gives me the desires of my heart. There are a lot of deaf people out here on the streets of Bangkok selling things and I am looking forward to building relationship with them in the days ahead.
So there ya go. A little more of an update for all of you who are following my e-mails and blog. :) I pray that you are encouraged to pay attention to the dreams that God gives you. He has great things in store for each of His children!


I want to Love in such a way that the powers of darkness are reminded that they have been disarmed.
I want Love to come and breathe through me so the spirits of the dead come alive.
I want to love till the passion of heaven, the warmth and fire of His mercy and justice come and embrace the most hurting and broken.
I want the love that I carry to be so strong that by a very glance or touch, healing and deliverance come.
I want to see a generation taking hold of their inheritance as sons and daughters of heaven rising up from the darkness and causing the heads of nations to turn and know that there is a Saving God

I want to see people touched with Jesus' tenderness and heart of unabashed justice that pursues till the end. This is not just a love you hear about in church and forget about the moment you step outside the doors of comfort into the real world. I am talking about a radical encounter with the heart of the Father. With a love that touches ones core. I am talking about a love that is real and simple and beautiful. I am talking about love that you don't have to strive or perform well for. I am talking about the kind of love that embraces. I see this love at work when I walk into the bars. I see those girls dancing and men staring and I see their beautiful faces and their pain and the work they have accepted as necessary and from within me rises up a rushing emotion of passionate love, a river that pushes it's way to the windows of my soul. I am talking about the kind of love that goes out and has dinner with a woman who the moment you say goodbye to is going back to the street to look for a customer. And then she comes and finds you the very next morning because even tho she can't fully embrace the fullness of love and transformation Jesus offers, she can't stay away. I am talking about little children who are being used on the streets to sell gum for the profit of someone else smiling and laughing because someone cared enough to stop and wrap their arms around them and whisper acceptance into their ear.
I want to encounter this Love.
To wake up in the morning in it's arms. To face suffering, conflict and persecution sustained by His presence. I have to have Jesus' presence! Oh God...let me embrace the time to wait on You. To give You the place in my life You deserve. When all is over and passes away I want to be found in love with the Greatest Lover the world has ever known.
I want to see Love come.

A Glimpse Into My Life

Thailand! There are many days when I have to pinch and remind myself that I am REALLY here! I love the people, all the colors, night life when the streets are lit and people are out selling all kinds of meat, rice, fruit, etc. and the fact that is has been quite cool the past couple days. I have gotten quite accustomed to sweating ALL the time tho. :) Just can't get away from that one. I love all my Thai sisters here! Taking language classes five mornings a week is helping me obtain somewhat of a vocabulary and my friends are very gracious in listening and letting me try to speak. Outreaches have been one of the highlights of my time here. Even tho it is such a very spiritually dark atmosphere, I find so much joy in loving in places like this. Constantly I am reminded how much I am dependent on God for His presence to fill me. I want to be so consumed in His love that those I look at and touch are impacted. I want to see heaven come down to earth and transform lives.

During the beginning of the second week I was here, I was tying to go to sleep one night and as I was laying there, I suddenly had this picture come to my mind. I saw myself walking down the streets of Bangkok with Jesus. As we walked on the uneven cement sidewalk surrounded with cars on one side and storefronts on the other, I saw this woman with a little baby begging with a cup in her hand. In this picture I saw myself stoop down to sit beside her and then take her baby and hold him/her in my arms. As the baby was in my arms I started praying over him/her asking that the Holy Spirit would come on this little life to break any curses and bring life. As this picture faded, something inside me came to the surface and lying there on my bed I started to weep uncontrollably. I knew that it was God's heart awakening in me.
The very next day I was walking with one of my friends to go run some errands. (This is in real life now :). There in front of one of the shops sat a young girl with a tiny baby laying on a bed of clothe on the ground in front of her. The only things she had with her were two bottles and a cup for coins. Turning aside, my friend and I knelt down beside her. I pulled out a few coins and dropped them in her cup. In broken Thai, my friend discovered that the baby was only 4 days old. The girl kept glancing up nervously and looking around. As we sat there I put my hand on the infant's tummy and started praying silently. We left shortly after and I haven't seen them since then.

I never know when there will be an encounter with someone that is part of God's bigger plan for me being here. Here is one of those random/fun encounters...One of the first days I was here, I was enjoying some time in the park near my apartment. As I was sitting on a bench, this very cute older Thai woman came walking passed me and on her second time around the fountain, she stopped and reached out her hand. I understood that she wanted me to walk with her. I smiled, stood up and took her hand. A short time later, her daughter and son in law came. They both spoke English and so we talked for a little while. It made me so happy to meet all of them and especially the older woman whom they call "ma". I hadn't seen her since then and then the other day my friends and I walked into one of the pharmacies here. Standing behind the counter I saw the older woman, her daughter and son in law. As my friends were making their purchases, the "daughter" looked at me and said, "Oh, she is friend, I give discount." lol! I never know what kind of contacts I will make here. :). Well I better go, it is near 6:30 and we are going to pray and go on our outreach into the bars. I hope that this has given you a little glimpse into my life here in Thailand. O God, let Your Kingdom come!