Our History

Shelter and Rain was founded in 2015. We are dedicated to seeing individuals set free from sexual exploitation and human trafficking on a local and global scale.  Through our travels in Haiti, Mexico, Africa, Thailand, and Cambodia, our eyes were opened to how blatant human trafficking is.  We invite you to join us as we seek to live lives of justice and love in the US. 

Our Vision

Shelter and Rain is dedicated to awakening hearts to respond to the call of justice and compassion, mobilizing those who will carry light into dark places where exploitation takes place, and supporting survivors of human trafficking in their journey of restoration, transformation, and integration as life-giving members of their communities.  

Shelter and Rain is faith based and founded in restorative relationships with God and each other. Our vision is an invitation to engage in anti-trafficking efforts that will abolish sexual exploitation around the world. We are committed to going into dark places and believe that redemption is available to the exploited and exploiter alike.  We base our vision of transformation in holistic recovery and desire to use our expertise in the creative arts and restorative prayer as catalysts for healing in spirit, soul, and body. The vision is to see survivors empowered around the world who know their dignity, confident that they are loved, and released to live full of purpose.